The last seven years have been a unique creative opportunity for me as a designer and maker.

I have had the opportunity to develop my work, and interpretation of my designs alongside Peter Collins and the team at Hourglass Uk.

Adding to years of working alone in my own British glass studio, then treading the boards of commercial studios abroad, I have progressed by also drawing on industrial glass processes here in Britain. This symbiosis is made possible at the invitation of Peter Collins, inspired to suggest that I work along side them at the Hourglass factory.

The projects I have been working on have been able to take a fresh, positive approach to working in glass, which has sometimes eluded the ‘architectural art glass’ industry. In three decades it has felt that we have not progressed very far.

Contemporary glass needs industry to help it move forward, alongside the ideas of artists and designers.

Hourglass have just launched their website: